Tuesday, February 9, 2010

• Wayang Kulit and Batik •

Mystical Javanese shadow puppets are probably even older than Batik and very much part of the religious and cultural life of the Javanese. Some say these performances date back to prehistoric initiation rituals. It is also said that the original motifs for Batik were borrowed from the puppets themselves.

In order to cast shadows which are not simply silhouettes, the puppets are perforated into various patterns. They say that way back when, women would obtain these puppets in order to blow soot through these perforations leaving the pattern on the white cloth which could then be waxed.

Here is a brief video to give you an idea about what a Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet) show looks like. This was shot in Surabaya on Saturday night after the art show performances were done.

Wayang Golek (wooden puupets) also like to wear batik as seen in the foto above.

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