Tuesday, February 9, 2010

• Batik Group •

When I say that my neighbor was a Batik fanatic I mean that in the best sense of the term. Master Miki is so dedicated to propagating the art of Batik, that he not only produces many beautiful Batik paintings himself but is a avid teacher offering courses to anyone who is at all interested.

Miki became the guru for our Batik group which we named "Asing Sing Anai" which in Javanese means "strange foreigners" but in Balinese means "strange but not foreign"...they like word play a lot there so I felt very clever for coming up with a pun in two languages at once..

Although our courses were very informal our Guru (teacher) was very dedicated and encouraged us to continue with the plan of an exhibition to take place in a few months time. As you may know it is very hot in Indonesia and sitting next to a small gas burning stove dipping into the hot wax was not always an appealing thought. What I found was that, given that it was so hot - what better way to wile away the hours in the shade than by concentrating on drawing with liquid wax.

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