Tuesday, February 9, 2010

• Java Journey: the Source of Batik Motifs •

Imogiri is where Many great central Javanese royals have been buried since Sultan Agung (Great Sultan).

People like to go there to give offerings in hope of receiving blessings from the long line of mystical sultans but mostly from Sultan Agung. This Sultanate has been caring for the well being- both spiritual as well as physical, of this land for 9 generations.

Here is where I came to meet another great Batik master.
She has produced many sarongs for the royal court of Yogyakarta, Central Java and was very generous in sharing her knowledge with me.
There are still a few people making Batik the old way but seldom did I see work as varied, refined and meticulous as Ibu's work.

I learned many things from this wonderful woman. The only drawback was that she was not particularly interested in natural dyes. So, I journeyed to see the dye master himself.

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