Tuesday, February 9, 2010

• Balinese Weavers, Natural Dyes •

Despite Miki's great experience and generosity with his knowledge there was one area in which he was not so proficient, namely; using natural dyes.
Like most people today Miki usually uses chemical dyes which allow certain freedoms. It is faster cheaper and easier to use.

I was determined to learn about natural or organic dyes so that I wouldn't have to be polluting my water source when I don't have to. After the week long exhibition in Surabaya I returned to Bali to continue attending school. There are a few people in Bali who use natural dyes but the Balinese are way more into weaving than they are into Batik.

So I drove my motor bike the two hours through the winding roads of Bali to find Pak Hendry giving his workshop in Buleleng to some local weavers who were wanting to dye their threads using natural dyes.

Pak Hendry is a legendary pioneer of natural dyes. I still had one Batik painting which I hadn't dyed yet, so I wanted to try the natural stuff.

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